It's Not About Me

This morning I was hit with a thought that seemed to click in my heart as the answer to a lot of our issues. If we can do everything we do with the mindset of "It's not about me," I believe with all of my heart that joy will be inevitable and love will conquer all fear. Why? Taking the focus off of ourselves leads us to that selfless and humble state of heart that pleases the Lord. I don't know about you, but that is all that I want to do.

This may seem a bit simple, but I think we make things too complicated sometimes. We spend so much of our lives trying to make sure that our own little portion of the world is comfortable, that our eyes may never glance at the one the Lord may be sending us to save. The enemy can get us so distracted by all the little fires to put out, that we take our eyes off of the true battle that we are called to be fighting. He stirs things up so that I am thinking about me more than the kingdom. It's not about me!

This is why the Lord Himself said that if we desire to follow Him, we must take up our cross and deny ourselves daily. He was making sure that we understood that this whole relationship in serving Him was gonna have to be a selfless one. He laid down His life, and I am not just talking about the cross. He only said what His Father told Him to say. His entire life was the picture of obedience to His Father. If Jesus lived like this, how much more should we realize that life is not about what we want?

I challenge you to take inventory of your actions, time and money. I challenge you to pay attention to the motives behind all that you do. If your life is based primarily on your own desires and struggles, then I urge you to lay it down at the cross. I urge you to deny yourself and allow the Lord to broaden your vision to see those whom you are meant to be reaching.

It's truly amazing that when you are all about the Father's business, He always takes care of yours.

Father, please help us to not be selfish and self-centered. Teach us how to truly deny ourselves and take up our crosses to follow You wholeheartedly. It's not about us, it is all about You. Thank You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 9:23-25

Mark 8:35

John 12:49

Philippians 2:3

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