She Built an Ark

Pharaoh resorted to murdering Hebrew babies, all males, as a means to controlling the nation. Praise God for a mother whose quiet intercession not only saved her son, but eventually her people.

It is probably one of the most well-known stories of the Bible, how Moses was hidden in a basket to be kept from the Egyptians. The mandate was to cast all males born to the Hebrews into the river. One mother saw something in her child that caused her to rise up in silent defiance to her oppressor. She hid her son.

Jochebed was able to hide her little one for three months without drawing unwanted attention, but she knew that he would outgrow his hiding place soon. So she built an ark. She crafted a basket out of materials and covered it with asphalt and pitch...then laid him inside along with faith that I cannot imagine possible.

Have you ever realized that what you know the Lord has entrusted to you will outgrow your ability to handle it? It has been your responsibility to care for it and keep it from being harmed by the enemy. It has been your responsibility to intercede and hide what has been placed in your heart. Then it became your calling to let it go.

I believe the Lord sometimes gives us a gift, a calling, a promise that we assume is ours to hold onto for eternity...but then He shows through circumstances that it is often the laying down of said gift that He desired all along. Perhaps He entrusted it to you because He saw in you that you would entrust it to Him. Perhaps He knew that you would understand when to hold on to it and hide it and when to let go and trust Him.

I challenge you to intercede for the assignment the Lord has placed in your heart, in whatever way it means at the time. There is a time to hold onto and cover and shield...then there is a time to build an ark and let go. I urge you to understand that the Lord will take care of what you place inside the ark. His plan is a lot bigger than you can imagine.

Father, please give us courage as Jochebed to go against the grain and quietly fight for what You have given us. Also, please grant us the courage she had to let it go when it is time. We need discernment and grace. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 2:1-10

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