Nothing is quite so gut-wrenching to me as the thought of disappointing someone I love. I remember the worst punishment I could receive as a child was just the thought that I let my parents down, even when they didn’t dish out corporal punishment. While it is difficult to recover after causing this feeling in another, it is a good possibility that recovery after it has been caused in you is even more straining.

There are those that we place on a pedestal in our hearts and others that we have high hopes for; we want to see them succeed, to go beyond status quo and give others a model to emulate. We sometimes forget that these people struggle with the same sickness we struggle with from time to time: humanity.

So what do we do when we get disappointed? What is the antidote to having those bubble images rupture right in front of our faces? Well, I do have a thought. Turn your eyes back to Jesus. Go to the Word.

The example going through my heart this morning is a scene from a movie…once again. It was centered around a very competitive ballet school, and one of the characters had become so frustrated with things. An instructor told her to go back to the bar. (I guess that’s what it is called…I am clueless about ballet). Basically to just go back to the basics. When nothing seems to make sense, to go back to where she started.

Other people cannot always live up to the expectations we place on them, but Jesus does. We cannot even live up to our own standards, but Jesus does. Rather than shaming someone for the pedestal toppling, go back to the bar. Go back to the Word and place your hope, expectation and confidence in Him again.

Lift up those who have let you down and carry them back to the Word with you. You will not be disappointed.

Father, we get our hopes up sometimes, only to see them dashed because we place them in the wrong thing. We place them in flesh and blood, which cannot help but fail us. Help us to always come back to Your Word and find the perfection we long for in You alone. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Philippians 3:3

Isaiah 49:23

Psalm 51

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