The Wound

There is no way that I can offer any consolation in my human ability to ease your hurt. There is no way that I can take the pain away when you have been wronged. It hurts. You wouldn’t be human if it didn’t. So rather than trying to numb you with feel-good words, it is on my heart to carry you to the Physician who can perform true healing.

I am reminded this morning of a wound I endured years ago. The pain of it will come in an unexpected wave from time to time. Don’t you just love when you are trucking along just fine and then out of nowhere, there it is again? That pain that you thought had finally left for good. It is on my heart to ask a question to all who are hurting, to all who have been hurt, and to all who have hurt someone else (and the guilt is unbearable)...

I ask you this: did you heal properly? Did you grieve properly? I remember the Lord teaching me something a few years ago that amazed me. I was in a situation that was causing me to re-live a hurt, showing me that the wound was fresh rather than a scar like I had thought. So of course, I asked the Lord why I was having to somehow go through it again, and I felt such a bitter sweetness in my heart. I felt that He was letting me know that I had not healed properly.

If we attempt to just cover up the pain, we bypass part of the process of healing. If we attempt to ignore the pain, we risk further injury. There are some things that He has given us grace to shake off, but there are some things that require surgery. I had to learn that it was okay to admit to the Lord that I wasn’t a big girl like I thought. I had to learn to take off the human bandage and show Him how bad I was hurting. What is the point of going to the doctor to sit in there and tell them that everything is alright?

Yes, there will be times that we have to lay the wound at His feet again, so let’s do just that…rather than run to a temporary fix. Just because the pain doesn’t go away at once doesn’t mean He isn’t healing us. (I’m not gonna lie, I love the excuse to just climb up in His lap again.)

Father, we could never have endured more than Jesus did, so I know that You understand our weakness and our hurts. I know that there is complete healing in you alone. Please help us to remember to run to You rather than other things or people that can only mask the pain for a little while. We need You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 34:18

Psalm 147:3

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