I Choose...

I choose to dwell in the secret place of the Most High God. I have to live under the shadow of His wings. He is my fortress, so I will not be shaken. He is my Rock, so I shall not be moved.

I choose to lay down my life today, crucifying the flesh that wars against what God wants to do. I cannot please Him without faith, so I choose to let faith lead today. He is the Invisible God, so I cannot wait to see before I believe. I believe.

I choose to open my heart to Him today. May every wall that I have built up around me to protect me crumble in the wake of His love. I choose to learn how to receive His love for me. I want to see myself as He sees me, not through the lens of shame, guilt and condemnation…but through eyes of perfect love.

I choose to lay aside garments of sin and selfishness. I choose to allow Him to clothe me in His righteousness and love. I cannot possibly fit in this garment on my own, but once again I choose to see myself as He sees me…through the blood of Jesus.

I choose. Not my will, but the will of God be done in my life today. Not my words, but the Word of God be spoken through my lips today. Not my life, but the Life within me living through this jar of clay today.

I take Your hand in this dance, and I choose to let You lead. Being yoked with the King doesn’t mean I am out of the picture; it means I am right beside the One guiding and holding me to the end. I have said before that I want You to empty me of me, so that I am just filled with You. I felt recently that it merely needs to be an emptying of my carnality. May my spirit and Yours dwell together within this vessel, perfecting intimacy until the day we meet face to face. I choose to follow You until that day…and then throughout eternity. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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