My Hands Are Tied

It is on my heart to talk about the deepest level of commitment this morning, to talk about covenant. There is a reason that the Word contains multiple comparisons of our relationship with the Lord to marriage. We become bound to one another in such a way that “out” should not be an option. No, it isn’t divorce that is pulling on my heart strings to discuss today, but the price we are willing to pay to walk with the Lord.

While it is true and fact that we could not bring anything to the table in this deal, there is an exchange that must take place in this union with the Lord. Do we expect all of the blessings that He can pour out while turning our cup toward the world? I feel a grief within me today for the way the Lord is too often treated.

How often do we pray for His will to be done in our lives, yet we back up from the altar a little when His answer begins to require something from us? When the fire gets closer to our flesh, and we get a little uncomfortable…how does our commitment level measure up then?

Trust me, this is not me aiming at anyone other than myself. I was praying this morning for the Lord to not let me leave the altar too soon when it starts to hurt. (That is not at all verbatim.) It hit me that when I endure a time of struggle that I can look back to what I have felt the Lord leading me to ask Him for or about recently…the circumstances that follow seem to be a test to see if I really meant that prayer.

Just as wedding vows aren’t meant to just sound pretty on a special day, our words to the Lord must be backed up by our hearts. They will be tested. We will have the opportunity to see how much we meant them. I encourage and urge you to fasten yourself to Him in such a way that the storms and struggles can only prove your faith rather than destroy it. May the trials and tests only strengthen your relationship with Him, rather than cause you to distance yourself from Him.

He is fully committed to this relationship. May we take a step back and realize our worth to Him, so that we will take a step forward and show Him how much our love with Him is worth to us.

Father, You have paid the ultimate price for my heart, and You continually show me how much You desire to mold and shape the life You purchased. Don’t let me take it so lightly that I resist what You use to work in me. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


1 Corinthians 6:20

Ephesians 5:22-33

Matthew 26:28

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