Point of View

I was watching one of the original Star Wars movies this weekend with my daughter. I grew up on these films, so in my eyes they are much better than the newer ones. Of course, she commented on the special effects…saying that she bet I thought they were amazing back then. This statement and one that Obi-Wan said to Luke about point of view stood out to me and started rolling around in my heart.

What if my children had never seen any type of television or video game with graphics? The frame of reference would be completely different. They may too be impressed with the special effects in an old movie, because there would be nothing with which to compare it. It’s all about the point of view.

There is a certain parable that the Lord used to teach about the reception of the Word in people’s lives. The seed is the same Word sown into each who hear it. What becomes of it depends on the environment of the heart. There are some who do not understand and are open to its snatching away by the enemy. There are some who hear and receive, yet do not become rooted. These only last for a short time. There are others who receive the seed in the midst of all of the other things they receive from this world, leaving the seed in a state of choking and unfruitfulness.

Yes, there is one more point of view, another perspective in reception of the Word. Growing up I think I subconsciously assumed that if I am a Christian, of course this last one has to apply to me. However, I understand now (as my point of view has widened) that we may have been in each of these states at times. I don’t want to assume that my heart is and has always been good soil to receive what the Lord has said and is saying.

There have been seasons in which I did not understand what the Lord said from the Word, and perhaps the enemy had an opportunity to snatch it before I could understand. There have been times that I didn’t allow the Word to take root to sustain me through hard times. There have been times that I allowed the yucky world stuff to choke out what had been sown in me. I praise God for His faithfulness to not stop sowing into me. I praise God for changing my perspective, for raising me up to see from His point of view.

The Bible says that we are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. I challenge you to allow the Lord to change your point of view if you struggle with seeing things His way. I challenge you to allow Him to soften the soil of your heart, so that the seed of the Word can be fruitful in your life. Check your frame of reference and be willing to change if need be. No matter how much we have seen of the Lord’s handiwork, I am convinced that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Father, I don’t want to limit what You would like to do in my life and in this world, just because it is hard for me to see it from my perspective. Soften my heart to allow You to raise me up to see things Your way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Ephesians 2:1-7

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