Can't Be Silent

Silence. Some call it awkward. Some crave it. Depending on the environment, I am typically one who does not mind the quiet. A lot of talking isn't really my forte; however, a certain kind of loudness has my attention this morning.

There was a day when the people received and welcomed Jesus as He should have been welcomed all along. There was a day that many shouted praises to the King entering His city. Of course, there was a group of people who did not agree and wanted the praises to be silenced. Rather than rebuking the people, however, they told Jesus to rebuke them. (Perhaps they were sneakily trying to appeal to His humility, thinking He would not want the people to make such a fuss about Him.)

Little did they know that what they were trying to silence could not be silenced...

"'I tell you,' He replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.'"

Perhaps the Pharisees felt the power of praise and wanted to snuff it out. Their jealousy of Christ caused a discomfort and insecurity in them that fueled their desire to control how others felt about Him. But they could not silence the praise.

I confess that there are circumstances that leave me "feeling" like it is a struggle to praise the Lord out loud. We often find it easier to voice a complaint than a praise. How sad is that! I challenge you, and myself, to make an effort to silence the whining and complaining that too often escapes our lips.

What if we replaced every negative comment with a praise to our King? What if we recognized that something is wanting us to keep silent, to quiet our praises? That makes me want to praise even louder.

I don't want the stones to have opportunity to sing my praises to the Lord. I may not have earned the right to lift them up, but He has surpassed my deserving and stolen my heart. How can I do anything but praise Him?

Lord, they shouted praises to the King of Kings then without full knowledge of why Your Son was entering Jerusalem. I choose to shout praises because of the reason. You saved me...I can never praise You enough. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 19:28-40

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