Not So Common Sense

A thought penetrated my heart this morning that intrigued me. Some of the Ten Commandments were going through my mind, and it seemed to me like these should have been obvious to know to obey them. Think about it: even people who have never heard of the Lord and those who have no desire to come close to Him know that to kill and steal are wrong, that to cheat and lie are wrong. These are things that I believe the Lord put into us innately.

We have deemed some things to be “common sense” in our world. However, as one who was blessed with more book smarts than common sense I can tell you from experience to never assume someone just knows something. For example, don’t assume that the Scripture you have been taught all of your life and now know effortlessly will just automatically land in your child’s heart.

There is common sense that the Lord blessed us with so that we can co-exist with many different types of people. However, what I am drawn to this morning is that not so common sense...

I read earlier in the book of Joshua of his meeting with the Commander of the army of the Lord. Did you know that just as Moses had been instructed to remove his sandals when he encountered the Lord in the burning bush, that Joshua also received this instruction? I believe with all my heart that he came in contact with the pre-incarnate Christ and was given instructions for the march around Jericho. He was allowed to stand on holy ground, and something had to be removed.

There are many instructions concerning the temple, the garments of priests, etc. in the Word that mention the difference between the holy and the common. There is a reason that the place where the ark of the covenant stayed (with it the manifest Presence of the Almighty God) was called the Most Holy Place. Being near the Lord means you are stepping onto holy ground. There are things that have to be removed from your life. There are specific requirements for being in His holy Presence.

It doesn’t take common sense to dwell with a holy, holy, holy Father. It takes not so common sense. I dare you to find out how to “remove your sandals” and come as close as you can to Him. You will never be the same.

Father, I am thankful for the abilities You gave us to be able to dwell in this world, but I am more thankful for the abilities that You offer for us to be able to dwell with You. Bring me closer and closer, I pray. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Joshua 5:13-15

Leviticus 10:10

Isaiah 6

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