To All the Weary

Busyness is not next to godliness, so come join me at the Lord's feet.

There is a time for rest and renewal, so come to the table and find your seat.

Doing and going can leave you sitting on empty, and you desperately need to be filled.

Moving forward on weary feet reminds you that you need to slow down and take time to be healed.

The Lord is the Shepherd who guides us through every season of the journey. He knows what to do when we go through the valley of the shadow of death. He knows what to do when we step into enemy territory. Oftentimes we forget that He knows we need still waters. I love that David stated it this way:

"He makes me lie down in green pastures..."

I sometimes think that our society views resting as a negative thing, in the sense that we must be going and doing something...or we aren't really living. The same Shepherd whom we followed up the mountain is the same One who leads us into quiet places of rest. The same Shepherd whom we trusted to carry us through the valley is the same One who makes us lie down in green pastures.

What does that mean in your case? I can tell you from my perspective that there are times that I feel that I have poured until there is nothing left. I believe He will let me get to the place of exhaustion (and I don't just mean physically) to remind me that I CANNOT keep going without taking time to re-fuel, re-energize and renew.

Martha was busy doing what had to be done for the Lord, but it was to the point that she was resentful of Mary's "feet-time" with Him. Isn't that what we do? Sometimes our working "for" Him supersedes our time "with" Him, to the point that we are jealous of another's soaking in His Presence. I'm sure there was room for Martha!! Sure there are things that have to be done, but they better not take the place of the one thing that is needed.

Our Shepherd does not drive us with a whip, waiting to see how quickly we will wear down and faint. He longs to refresh us with His Presence. Yes, there are things that have to be done...all the more reason to be refilled and renewed daily at His feet.

Lord, You are an amazing Shepherd. I trust Your wisdom to know that if time with You is put on the backburner, I will find myself burned out. We need your rest. Guide us to those green pastures and still waters, I pray. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 23

Luke 10:38-42

Matthew 11:28-30

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