Forgotten - Potiphar to Prison

There are times that I get a faint glimpse of a dream that I had when I was younger. I remember the hopes that I had when everything seemed possible...when fear was foreign, and faith was faithful. Sadly, dreams can be forgotten. Sadly, we can be forgotten.

Joseph had been thrown into prison because of a false accusation, yet the Lord was still with him. Just as Potiphar had put him in charge of everything in his house, the keeper of the prison followed suit. The Lord gave favor in a prison!

I find it interesting that it is in the prison setting that we finally hear from Joseph's words what had happened to him. There happened to be two royal officials in prison with him, both of whom had dreams on the same night. Joseph let them know that interpretations belong to the Lord and asked them to share their dreams. It is a familiar story how God gave Joseph the interpretations, and he let them know what they were...for better or worse.

This is where we hear him talk about his plight. He shared with the butler (who would be returning to his position when his dream came true) what had happened to him. How he had been taken from his home and then imprisoned falsely. He opened his heart in prison...only to have it broken. He was forgotten. As another's dreams came true right in front of him, he had to watch the dream he had when he was younger slip even further away from him.

I am sure that this looked like his window, his big break that would finally lead to the good in his life that he knew the Lord had promised him. But no. He had gone from being favored, to loathed, to sold, to accused, to shackled...then finally to forgotten.

Are there dreams and desires that perhaps the Lord put in your heart long ago that you have locked away in a hope chest of sorts? Do you feel like you might be locked away in there yourself? I urge you to encourage yourself in the Lord. He knows exactly where you are, and He is the One who works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. You have not been forgotten.

Father, I trust You to awaken the dreams that You have given me. Don't let me give up when it is a season in a prison cell. Help me to praise You all the that when the shackles are gone, the freedom will be so much sweeter. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 40

Romans 8:28

1 Samuel 30:6

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