Garment of Favor

The story of Joseph is still drawing me, so please indulge me in pondering a little more about what happened to him and why he handled things the way he did.

I just want to camp out for a minute in the first small portion that is told about him. Considering that our first glimpse is of a seventeen year old kid who sort of tattles on some of his brothers, I am stirred to wonder about his personality. Was he the good kid who never did anything wrong, and wanted to make sure that his brothers knew to do right, also? Or was he the annoying little brother that went and told his father every mistake his brothers made?

Then we read further and find out about his dreams. I used to think that he was foolish and boastful for sharing the specific contents of the dreams with his brothers and father. For some reason as I read it now, I sense an innocence that he may have had an inclination that it referred to his future...but that he didn't know how to handle it. I say this because of his immediate willingness to submit and obey his father. He didn't act as one who thought more highly of himself than he ought. His father told him to go check on his brothers, and his response was, "Here I am."

Perhaps this is part of the reason he held his father's favor. Perhaps he was beautifully portraying the Scripture: "Humility comes before honor." Yes, he was the favorite. Yes, he wore with joy the garment made just for him right in front of his brothers. Yes, he drew hatred because of it.

I think of Jesus. Can you imagine how His brothers felt living in the household with the perfect Son? I think of His trip to the Jordan River, hearing His Father proclaim who He was to Him. I think of all that He knew about who He was and how He submitted to His parents anyway. Humility doesn't mean that you hide from greatness. It means that you walk in obedience and carry the calling with the grace of God, watching Him fulfill the dreams that He gave you.

Favor may draw hatred, but favor always has a purpose. Don't be afraid to wear the garment made just for you.

Father, thank You for the lives of those in Your Word that give us glimpses of You. I love finding out more about them, and in so doing finding out more about You. I love You more because of it. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 37:1-13

Proverbs 18:12

Matthew 3:13-17

Luke 2:51

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