Keep On Keeping On...

A little friendly jab from my husband this morning clinched in my heart what to share today. There was a specific chore that I had not completed, and he reminded me of it. He was picking at the way I am really good at starting things, yet somewhat poor at finishing them sometimes. Considering that this thought had already been on my heart earlier connecting to a specific Scripture, I deduced that the Lord might be trying to tell me something.

Please ponder briefly with me the amazing story of Joseph. He was the favored son of Jacob. Dreams that the Lord gave him caused a hatred that fueled the already powerful jealousy stirring in ten of his eleven brothers. He was the favorite. His dreams told of his calling and how they would all one day bow to him. But did the favor continue and carry him to the heights that he knew God had promised? Far from it.

It is a very familiar passage that has been preached as "From the pit to the palace." What intrigues me today is wondering what kept him going? What kept Joseph fueled in serving God when his brothers wanted to kill him, but settled for selling him? What kept him faithful to God when being falsely accused and then imprisoned for it? What caused him to keep going when he was forgotten in that prison for a while?

The sins of others in his life had caused his path to take a downward spiral. How does one faithfully walk forward, knowing that each step doesn't seem to match the plan that God had shared? He seemed to be heading in the opposite direction of what the Lord had shown him. However, he remained faithful.

Wow what a lesson to glean from this! I see the key to staying the course (regardless of if the course looks completely foreign or not), is consistently remembering the dream that was given in the beginning. Remembering the garment my Father clothed me with, and in so doing remembering who I am. Joseph chose to be faithful to the God he knew in the beginning, rather than complain about the circumstances which seemed to get worse and worse.

He hung on, and he kept going. He watched God finish what He had started. I want to do the same.

Father, You are always faithful, so please help us to be. Don't let us base our behavior and attitude on what others do to us, or on what our circumstances are dictating. I choose to be faithful to You, but I need Your help to keep going. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 37, 39-45

Psalm 105:16-22

Philippians 1:6

Psalm 51:12

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