The Armor - Part One

I was walking on a rock path yesterday in a pair of shoes that made it a little difficult to negotiate my bearings. Immediately my thoughts went to what kind of shoes we are to wear daily, the shoes we are to cover our feet with as we encounter any path.

Paul ended his letter to the Ephesians with an interesting charge concerning their wardrobe, their spiritual wardrobe. Most are familiar with the armor of God, with the different pieces and what they represent. My concern is not if I am familiar with them or not, but if my familiarity has replaced my consciously dressing in them daily.

I find it interesting that as I read in Ephesians 6, I find the word "stand" quite a bit. Paul repeats that we are to put on the full armor of God that we may be able to "stand": against the schemes of the enemy and in the evil day. Note that he didn't say to fight. He said stand. Why?

You have to remember that he did not call this armor "the whole armor of the Christian." It is called the "armor of God" for a reason. It is His armor. These are pieces of a uniform, if you will, that we have been given by the Commander of the army. They belong to Him, and we are expected to know how to put them on, and to do so consistently.

So back to the whole "stand" thing...why doesn't Paul urge us to armor up and charge into the fight? It is in my experience that when I am confident of the armor that is clothing me, when I am resting in His righteousness, truth, etc....that I know He is doing the fighting. All I have to do is stand.

I invite you to look closer at each piece of the armor with me over the next few days. It isn't to be ready in case you face battle. The battles are raging constantly. We need to understand the armor, put it on..."and having done all, to stand."

Father, there is war going on all around us that we cannot see or understand. Don't let us try to be confident in our own armor. We need Yours. Help us to stand and to be strong in You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Ephesians 6:10-13

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