Silencing Satan

Often we grow up with a partial knowledge of Scripture. We have heard and have quoted particular verses many times, possibly without grasping the surrounding text. This was true for me concerning the familiar verse that even Jesus quoted:

"From the lips of children and infants You, LORD, have called forth Your praise..."

I remember a few years ago reading the passage in Psalm 8 where this verse is found. I also remember wondering why I had not read and understood this before then. The Lord didn't just call forth praise and ordain strength out of the mouths of the little ones because it sounded sweet. He did it to silence the enemy!!

Ponder with me for a moment: what better way to make an adversary lose an argument than to take the humble route? What better way to make an opponent shut up than to hear the truth come out of the mouth of purity? What better place to find humility and purity (other than Christ Himself) than in a child?

The enemy's whispers can be daunting:

"You will never be good enough."

"They will never approve of you."

"You are always gonna fail."

I challenge you to counter these voices with praise. Not just any praise, mind you...but that of a child. Jesus said for us to become like children. I cannot always go find a little baby to do my praising for me, but I can humble myself like a child. I can choose to remember the absolute faith and innocence that I had when I used to praise the Lord with no inhibition. I can choose to remember what it felt like to not care about the opinions of others...and I can praise the Lord like a child.

Wanna drown out the lies of the enemy? Walk in purity and humility...and praise your Father!!

Father, thank You for reminding me of how it felt when I was a little girl to not care about how others felt. Thank You for the memories of singing to You just because. The enemy may have succeeded for a little while in silencing me, but the tables are about to turn. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 8:1-2

Matthew 21:16

Matthew 18:2-4

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