Contend for the Faith

I’ve heard the analogy of trying to hold on to something so tightly that it is like trying to squeeze your hand full of sand…the tighter you squeeze, the more sand slips through your fingers. There is a time to let go, but there is definitely a time to hold on to what you have.

The story of Eleazar, one of David’s mighty warriors, has been on my heart some lately. He found himself in a battle in which the others troops had retreated. However, Eleazar “stood his ground and struck down the Philistines till his hand grew tired and froze to the sword.” Later the other guys returned, but the enemy had already been completely defeated. He fought until he couldn’t fight anymore, but the sword kept fighting for him.

We have been given the Sword of the Lord, the Word of God. If we will stand our ground and keep fighting and holding on to the Word of the Lord, the Word of the Lord will hold onto us and win the battle.

I also think of when the Lord let the church of Philadelphia know to hold on to what they have, so that no one would take their crown. I think of Jude letting the church know to contend for the faith. I think of Paul telling Timothy that he had fought the good fight.

There is a time to let go, but there is absolutely a time to hold on…a time to fight. I challenge you to find out what the Lord would have you hold on to, and then never let it go. I challenge you to stand your ground and cling to the Sword of the Lord, only to find the Sword clinging to you.

Father, I know that of all things that are temporary that we try to hold on to so tightly, none of these can compare with Your Word that stands forever. I choose to hold on to the Words You have given me, trusting that Your Words will hold on to me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


2 Samuel 23:9-10

Revelation 3:11

Jude 1:3

2 Timothy 4:7

Matthew 24:35

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