Friend of Jesus

"Come near to God and He will come near to you."

This is gonna sound odd, but I love the way that I feel the Lord dropped in my spirit what to write about today. Last night there was a gentleman on a show my husband was watching who said something that caught my attention. I wasn't even watching or able to really hear the television, but for some reason I heard this man say something about hoping that he and this guy would be friends forever...that may not be verbatim. What went through my mind was "BFF's" like young girls would say. I kind of got cracked up, because it didn't sound like something a man would say. Then I felt that sweet familiar feeling of the Lord hinting to me to ponder about it.

This morning I felt another piece of the puzzle connect to what I heard last night. We can hold the magnifying glass over so many different portions of Jesus' life here in the flesh. What I feel drawn to this morning is the one who drew as near to Him as possible in the time they had.

John. He is often called John the Beloved. In the gospel that he penned he referred to himself as "the disciple whom Jesus loved." That may sound a little boastful, but there has to be a reason.

John was one of the brothers who wanted to sit right next to Jesus in His glory. John was the one to whom Peter motioned to find out who the betrayer was, because John was the one leaning against Jesus at supper. And John was the one standing at the foot of the cross as Jesus was dying.

He drew near to the Lord, and the Lord drew near to him. He didn't just ask who the betrayer was, Jesus answered. He didn't just ask if he could sit next to Jesus in His glory, Jesus answered. There was a kinship between them that makes me long to have the same. Yes, the Lord is my best Friend...I want to be His!

He worshipped his Lord, and loved his Friend. Years after he had run to the tomb to find it empty he was visited by the One who had let him come close to Him. John was able to see the end. He was able to see what "friends forever" really looked like. I want to see, too.

Lord, I long to draw as near to You as I possibly can while in this flesh. I know that You return the effort by coming closer to me, as well. That's all I want. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Mark 10:35-45

John 13:18-27

John 19:25-26

Revelation 1

James 4:8

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