Wrong Way

It's amazing the lessons you can learn while driving. I mentioned a wrong turn signal yesterday; well, last night I came upon a large 18-wheeler stopped at the entrance to the road I needed to take to get home. The driver had become lost, and GPS had led him to take a road that his truck was not allowed to use. It took a few moments, but with some help he was able to turn it around and proceed to head in the right direction.

The wrong way. We can be travelling full speed ahead, but if it is in the wrong direction...we are just heading to the wrong place quickly. There is a reason that we must learn how to make a 3-point turn for our driver's test. Everyone needs to know how to turn around when there has been a mistake.

It would be cool if we all knew the exact path we needed to take, and then proceeded to choose this path each and every moment. However, humanity, stubbornness, disobedience and the sin of ourselves and others can tend to have a scrambling effect on our navigational systems. We can get a little off the map...and sometimes just downright lost. What do we need to do in these situations?

Ask for directions. We need to get on our knees, get in the Word and seek the Lord. I think sometimes we try seeking the path He had us on to begin with (which is covered in good intentions), but we are to seek HIM first and trust Him to take care of everything else. We cannot live seeking a direction if we don't understand how to use the compass.

Yes, the footsteps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. But if I dare to step out of righteousness and choose my own way, is He obligated to order my steps? He gave us the ability to choose. I want His will...and I want it His way.

Lord, I pray that just as that driver recognized his wrong turn and stopped dead in his tracks to begin the turnaround, help us to do the same. Please help us to see the wrong way signs and choose to seek You and Your way. Your way is perfect. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Matthew 6:33

Psalm 18:30-36

Psalm 37:23

Matthew 3:2

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