"But I have calmed and quieted myself, I am like a weaned child with its mother..."

This morning I turned on some music at a low volume, but then felt this verse run through my heart. I just really felt the need for silence, so I did what I could and silenced the music. Ironically, right after that, my son's alarm started sounds like a bomb is about to blow by the way.

There is typically a background noise in all that we do. When there is complete quiet, we feel the need to talk or do something to fill up the stillness. Why does silence make us uncomfortable?

It is on my heart to just SHHHHHHH for a moment. After working in childcare for many years, I have come to the conclusion that there is a reason the Lord wants to hush our hearts at times. When trying to gain the attention of a little one, you must get them quiet. He wants our attention, so we need to be zip it sometimes.

I confess that before feeling this hushing in my spirit this morning, I was praying. I caught myself saying the same words that I open prayer with each time. I am not condemning myself, because I know that it takes me habitually reigning in my focus on the Lord to start the process of crucifying my flesh. However, this morning in particular there was a strong sense of not only quieting my words, but hushing my thoughts. You want to talk about difficult!

I challenge you to still and quiet your soul. I dare you to turn down the volume of the noise in your life and just listen for His voice. If He chose to use a gentle whisper to speak to Elijah, I want to make sure I am not distracted when He speaks. I want to know what the Spirit says to the churches.

Father, I choose to listen. Please help me to still and quiet my soul within me, so that I am more in tune with what is on Your heart instead of mine. Speak Lord, for Your servant is listening. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 131

Revelation 2:7

1 Kings 19:11-13

1 Samuel 3:10

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