The One Who Sees Me

Disclaimer: this may sound strange to some, but I do not apologize for the way the Lord "opens my eyes" to things sometimes. Recently I have been seeing "eyes" in different places in my surroundings. At first you kind of get that feeling of "Huh, that's weird." Then, after repeatedly noticing this, a Scripture crossed my heart:

"For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him."

Have you ever thought about His eyes searching the earth for hearts that are completely His? I think of that familiar song lyric: "I always feel like somebody's watching me." We can tell subconsciously when someone is staring at us, but have we pondered the depth of His gaze? Do we live like He is in the room looking at us? I don't mean constantly in fear that He is watching to see when we mess up...but with a resounding comfort that we have the undivided attention of the King?

I don't know about you, but I WANT His eyes to land on me and stay there. That must mean that He has deemed my heart as fully His! I think of Leah, Jacob's unwanted wife. She named her first son after the feeling that the Lord had seen her misery and given her a son. All she wanted was her husband's eyes to be on her, but she could not get his attention. The Lord's eyes were on her. It took her several more sons, but she finally came to that peaceful realization. His eyes were enough.

Humanity gropes for attention from day one, and we kick and scream when we don't receive it. Would we live differently if we were content with drawing His gaze? Would our lives be less an effort to gain man's approval if we lived only for His?

I want my heart to be fixed on Him, so that His eyes will be fixed on me. I want to live in such a way that He cannot take His eyes off of me. Call me a romantic, but isn't that how the Groom looks at the bride?

Lord, I want to draw Your gaze. I want to live in a way that You search for my heart, to strengthen it. You are the God who sees me, so I pray that You are pleased with what You see. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


2 Chronicles 16:9

Genesis 29:31-35

Genesis 16:13

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