Dear Yesterday

Dear yesterday,

I know that I am to press forward, forgetting those things that are behind me. I also know that there are times and seasons of remembrance. I am trying to push and step into the next day that God has ordained for me, but all I feel pressing on my heart is to remember something.

I am yearning to be able to stay consistent and faithful, while maintaining blazing passion in all that I do for Him. Sporadic moments of being on fire and overwhelmed in His arms threaten to cause resentment during those times when I don't feel the fire. Those times that I don't feel His arms holding me. I look ahead to the next mountaintop, but once again I feel that I am to remember something.

I have walked through valleys, I have climbed mountains, and I have dipped my feet into still waters. I have faced desert climate and been swept away in His river. So what is it that I am needing to remember? What portion of the journey am I feeling drawn to reach back and touch again?

The beginning.

When service threatens to become mindless duty, remember first love. When obedience threatens to become passionless, remember first love. If I have faith that can make the highest mountain obey, but my heart is far from what He wants, what is the point? If we lose our love, we have lost.

So, I say to you, yesterday, that I will look back at you each time my flame grows weak. I will call on you to remind me of that first spark I felt as He won my heart. You have always been faithful to stir up the memories when I ask, so I thank you for holding onto them for me. I remember something, and that means everything.


Looking Back


Revelation 2:1-7

1 Corinthians 13:1-3

2 Timothy 1:6

Philippians 3:13-14

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