What Do You Want?

There were several instances in the Word where someone was given an open door to request whatever they wanted. God appeared to Solomon to ask what he wanted. The king offered to Esther more than once to ask what she wanted. Jesus said to James and John, "What do you want Me to do for you?"

What do you really want? If the Lord appeared to you right now and said this to you, what would your honest answer be? Would you rummage through your thoughts (that He can see by the way) and pick out what you think He would want to hear? Would you come up with your most philosophically and theologically correct answer and present it to Him?

I remember preparing for a Sunday night service a few months ago in which we were to come knowing what we would ask the Lord. I felt reminded of this last Sunday as my eyes fell on the Scripture that Pastor read: "Let it be to you as you desire."

I wanted the Lord to search my heart and tell me the truth - what do I REALLY want? Does the core of me want something selfish, or does it present to Him a request worthy of His offer? We can deceive ourselves sometimes into believing and justifying why we want a specific thing. All the while, the true motive is lurking underneath as we ask amiss.

"Ask and it shall be given you..."

I love how my Lord answers prayers...but I am infatuated with the way He leads me to inventory my prayer list! What if He has me ask for what I want just so I can see what desire pops in my mind? What if He is sweetly leading me to want what He wants? Let Your will take over mine, and let Your desire be what fills my heart, Lord. I want You first...everything else will fall into place.


1 Kings 3:5


Mark 10:36

Matthew 15:28

Matthew 7:7

James 4:1-3

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