The Mess

The other day at work, I kind of wanted a cup of coffee. I just didn't want one bad enough to make it, then clean up the mess afterward. (Sadly, this kind of sums up my thought process a lot of the time.) Finally, I decided that I was being lazy, and coffee just sounded good enough to deal with the whole process. I made the weirdest mess ever, and was cracking up at myself. It was one of those odd situations that makes you just sit back and say, "Lord, I know You probably have a lesson for me. I'm listening."

I was trying to avoid the mess, and was faced with a bigger mess than normal. I was trying to live without the fuss, and life's fuss spilled on my floor.

Something relative caught my attention this weekend as I was cleaning around the house. I had a ton of my clothes to hang up and put away--clothes that I had piled up in convenient locations near the bed that seemed to be out of the way. When I dove in and moved the piles to the bed to somewhat organize them, I recognized that the mess tends to look messier throughout the process of becoming clean. Everything "looked" worse, but was in fact on the road to a lot better.

Yes, life can be messy. We make mistakes and are faced with those of others. We leave a trail of our random destruction because we are still walking around in our humanity. It would be awesome if we could slide through spill-less and stainless, but that is what we would be doing: sliding through. It's true that I am the type that would rather not get my hands dirty...but that makes me the kind who misses the fun of the mud pies.

You may be dealing with a mess you made. It may be one that you tried to avoid, or one that you just jumped into without putting any thought into the cleanup required. You may be dealing with someone else's mess. In so doing, you are ready to take the broom you're using to help sweep it up and knock them in the head with it. I challenge you to let Him sweep with you. I dare you to invite Him into the junkiest room in your life. No one can make our blunders beautiful but Him. No one can take our scattered stuff and teach us through the cleanup like Him. He didn't make the mistakes, but He won't waste them.

Let's do more than bring Him our best...let's bring Him our mess.

Father, thank You for using the messes of my life to teach me, to train me. I bring You every spill, every stumble, everything. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


1 Peter 5:7

1 John 2:1

Hebrews 4:15

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