Tables Turned - Purim

I am so thankful that the Lord brought to my remembrance this morning to find out what day Purim is this year. I read through Esther with my kids recently, and typically the holiday isn’t on my radar until it has already passed. Well, it begins this evening and goes through tomorrow evening.

Purim in a nutshell is the time set aside to celebrate when the Lord thwarted Haman’s plot to destroy and annihilate the Jews on a single day. It brings to remembrance when Esther was placed in royal position and asserted courage to intercede on behalf of her people. The single day that was intended to be their destruction turned out to be their day of victory. That single day begins this evening.

I read of how Purim is observed in today’s world by the Jewish people, and one portion of the festivities stood out to me: they dress up in costumes. They highlight the fact that the tables were turned, roles were reversed. You see, over the nine month period between when the decree that Esther and Mordecai initiated (which allowed the Jews to protect themselves from their enemies) and the day that all of this was to take place, there were people who even became Jews out of fear!

The day came—the tables were turned. What the enemy intended for harm totally backfired. I think of even Haman individually, as he was hanged on the gallows that he had built for Mordecai. His threats and intentions were turned back on his own head.

Whatever you face today—be it trials, temptations, or just all-out war—remember that the Lord is able to thwart the enemy’s plan. Remember that the tables truly can be turned, and you can become the one that is feared rather the one in fear.

Esther had no idea when she was going through all of the beauty treatments and preparation to be presented to the king that she was being set up by God to stop a plan that had not been formed yet. Each day affords us opportunities to be obedient. Let’s be obedient and let the Lord take care of the enemy’s plans.

Father, I choose to remember as Your people remember and celebrate their rescue so long ago. You have rescued me more times than I can count, so thank You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Esther 8-10

Genesis 50:20

Isaiah 54:17

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