Behind Closed Doors

Introvert vs. extrovert—we each have different ways of relating to people. Some are outgoing, never meeting a stranger. Some could go through life without ever meeting a stranger. Regardless of what type we identify most with, I believe we each have an outer court, inner court and a secret place.

All are able to see our public display of the One we worship. People can find out if we go to church or not. Others can hear what we say, read what we post and determine what kind of person we are. It’s the outer court. It is where all can see the sacrifice that we bring, so we have to be careful to remember for Whom we bring it.

Then there is the inner court…the closer knit circle with whom we connect. It is that group of people, or that person, trusted enough to be given access a little deeper into our hearts. With this granted access we risk others knowing us a little more. We make ourselves a little more vulnerable, as they can see from a better view if our outer court worship lines up at this level.

Then there is that place, that behind the veil in the innermost core of who we are place. No one is allowed there but One. Only One can see you on every level, but that should only make you nervous if the you in this place doesn’t seem to match the you in the other places. Does my relationship with Jesus in the secret place measure up to what is shown outwardly? Do the depths of my heart contain more time spent with Him than anyone could ever and will ever be granted access to see?

I want what is behind closed doors, behind the beautiful veil of Christ’s body, to outweigh what is found in the outer court. Regardless of whether or not I am rewarded openly, I just want to know Him in the secret place.

Lord, I want to dwell in Your secret place, and I want You to dwell in my secret place. I invite You to take over my heart and reign in me—from the inside out. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 6:5-6

Hebrews 10:19-20

Psalm 91:1

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