The Bottom Line

I keep having this flashback of my short-lived time in the mortgage industry. I had miscalculated numbers, causing the buyer to have to pay more than she had desired…more than the limit she had told me. (Please understand that this line of work was definitely not my calling, and I learned that very quickly.) She was very kind about it; however, my supervisor had to scold me. I will never forget her wording as she tried to teach me what I did wrong: “It’s the bottom line.” The numbers had to add up to meet the desire at the end.

I keep hearing this same phrase in my spirit: the bottom line. The underlying foundation of all that I do has to be obedience to the Lord out of the love I have for Him. The numbers may look different from day to day, but the motive and result have to be the same. It’s a foundational thing. He has to be the red thread that ties all that I do, say and think together. If for some reason I try to base what I do on anything else, solid footing becomes impossible. All other ground truly is sinking sand.

How do you know if your bottom line is shifting? Test yourself. Take inventory. Ask the Lord to search your heart…but then be willing to adjust as He leads you. Can you look back at the end of the day and know that you lived for Him? Can you look back at the end of the week and know that you didn’t live for yourself?

I want all of my moments to add up to pleasing Him. May my hours become days that make Him smile. May my days become years that serve His kingdom. May my years become a life that has not been my own. The numbers have to add up to meet the desire at the end. When my desire unites with His desire, I find the bottom line…Jesus.

Lord, You are my Rock, my Strong Tower. You are the bottom line of my life. You are the constant that holds me steady. Don’t let me waiver, and don’t let me falter. My days are Yours, and my life is Yours. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Isaiah 28:16

Acts 17:28

Psalm 31:3

Matthew 7:24-27

2 Corinthians 13:5

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