If God Is for Me...

February 19, 2018

I was sitting here this morning, thanking the Lord for different people whom He has placed in my life.  Ironically, what seemed to strike a loud chord in my heart was when I found myself thanking Him for those whose marks in my life would appear to be those of an enemy.


I don’t mean this negatively toward these individuals, but we all have those who have opposed us in one way or another.  Our memories of them aren’t always laced with warm fuzzies and happiness.  Don’t get me wrong, I have chosen to forgive them…and have needed God’s grace to do so again and again.  I refuse to allow bitterness to gain any foothold. 


So, back to thanking the Lord for them—yeah, I am truly thankful for their places in my journey.  What story doesn’t contain an antagonist?  What kind of race would it be if there were no other competitors?  We need those who seem to be against everything we do.  We need the ones whose stance in opposition to us seems to be their purpose in life. 


Would I dare to grow if all I ever received was a pat on the back?  Would I have spent near as much time in prayer if there had not been an opposing force challenging me over the years?  I sincerely thank God for my opponents.  I truly, genuinely give Him praise for allowing me to be taunted at times.  I am the type that wants others to like and approve of me.  How would I know issues that need dealt with in me if there was automatic approval from everyone?    

Think about it, Jesus called Judas “Friend” as He was kissed in betrayal.  Can you look at those who would come against you and recognize their place in your journey?  Can you accept that some are there to push you toward your purpose…even when the pushing is not what you thought it would be? 


Father, thank You for the faces that come to mind when I ponder opposition in my life.  Thank You for those who challenged me over the years.  I long for You to search my heart and help me to live to please only You…regardless of what others think of me.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.



Matthew 26:47-50

Psalm 41:9

Acts 15:36-41

Romans 8:31

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