When You Pray...

I was praying recently—using the prayer that the Lord taught to His disciples—and something stood out to me. “Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.” (Of course, I am pretty certain that I wasn’t using King James English when I was saying the familiar prayer.)

Typically when this prayer is on my heart, I simply state that His Name is hallowed. That His Name is holy. I spend the first sentence acknowledging the reverence due Him. But something pricked me recently—I am to do more than acknowledge. I am to pray that His Name receives on this earth the honor it is due.

I am to pray that the Name of the Father is reverenced by this world. That His will truly will be done on earth as it is heaven. His will is done in heaven!! His way goes. His Name is the Name that is bowed down to. His Voice is the one that is listened to. The One we will see one day is truly the King now. Though our eyes have to look past the darkness of this world to envision the Light that truly is, we are to keep looking…to keep praying for it to shine here.

Jesus taught us to pray that the kingdom of God would come. He also said to those wondering about this kingdom that it is within us. His kingdom is IN us! Pray that the kingdom within you breaches the world around you. Pray that His will supersedes your own…showing the One who is to be hallowed. That it isn’t anyone or anything here.

Daily bread, forgiving and being forgiven, and being led away from temptation. Being fed, being freed, being pure—these will empower us to declare whose Name is to be hallowed above all else. These will allow the sons and daughters of the kingdom of God to show forth its glory. His Name is holy. Pray that all around you will get the memo and bow with you.

Father, I sincerely ask that Your Name will be hallowed. That Your will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. I trust You to give me my daily bread as You provided manna in the wilderness. I need Your grace to forgive and Your mercy to be forgiven. I need You to deliver me from evil, to keep me from falling. Yours truly is the kingdom, the power and glory forever and ever. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 6:5-15

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