Why did Jeremiah say that holding the Word of the Lord in felt like fire shut up in his bones? Why did a dead man come back to life after coming in contact with Elisha’s bones? Why was it such a big deal that the older prophet wanted to make sure he was buried with the man of God from Judah…that he said, “…lay my bones beside his bones”? Why did Joseph make sure to leave instructions to carry his bones to the Promised Land when Israel was one day delivered?

These may seem like odd questions. The valley of dry bones crossed my mind yesterday. My daughter mentioned bones and ligaments to me this morning in a normal conversation. For whatever reason, my heart is drawn to ponder once again these interesting points listed above.

The bone is where blood is formed. The bone remains when the flesh has decayed. The bone provides the framework and structure for the body. I dare you to ponder the spiritual significance of the skeleton. I have found that the Lord doesn’t push me away when I ask Him these odd questions. It actually kind of blows my mind when I feel Him lead me to an answer (at least as much of an answer as I can handle, I’m sure.)

I hope you don’t think that I am offering an answer to these questions. I wish I had the punchline; I wish I had the revelation to spell out for you. I can offer thoughts, and hopefully stir you to ask the Lord yourself…

The Lord brought Ezekiel to a valley full of dry bones and had him speak the Word of the Lord to them. Long story short, Ezekiel got to watch the end rewind to the beginning. He was able to witness death’s portrait be repainted with life. It started with the bones. It started with all that was left.

Have you ever been in a spot that you feel all you have left of life are dry bones? Are you there now…clinging to the remnants of joy, peace, dreams and hope? Don’t worry. The Lord is able to breathe life into what seems dead. The Lord is able to raise you up again.

Father, help us to believe that what seems dead in our lives is a perfect setup for Your power to be displayed in us. Thank You for the interesting things in Your Word that cause me to spend time with You asking about them. I love You so much. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Jeremiah 20:9

2 Kings 13:21

1 Kings 13

Genesis 50:24-25

Ezekiel 37

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