It Is Not Well with My Soul

I love how reading and talking about the Word with my kids presents opportunities to see His Word from a different angle. It fascinates me how I feel the Lord sharing something fresh and new with me as I share with them. Learning through teaching—may we all remain hungry students.

With that said, last night we breached the section concerning Lot’s rescue from Sodom. (There are some points in this section that make it on my list of things I am curious about and have to ask the Lord.) Anyway, two angels had entered the city, and Lot met them at the gate.

I will not proceed to go into the details; however, I do challenge you to read it again to perhaps find seemingly new nuggets that have been missed in the past as I did. The point that stood out to me to share with my kids last night, and that I feel should be relayed this morning is this: there is a time to stay and a time to leave.

I don’t know why Lot had not already left this wicked city. We can speculate that his family didn’t want to leave, as later his wife was caught looking back and got a little salty. It is written that he was vexed in his soul because of the deeds of the men who lived there. It truly bothered him. So why did he stay?

Maybe he thought he could bring about a change. Maybe he thought that he was supposed to be there to be a light to them. I don’t know. I do believe there are times that the Lord positions us around those who don’t know Him for us to show Him to them. However, I also know according to the Word that not everyone wants to change. Not everyone will receive what we have to say.

The challenge is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit—to know when to walk away. Should we choose to remain against the leading of the Holy Spirit, the influence we may hope to have on them can mutate into our being influenced by them. Our effect on the world can become overridden by its effect on us if we do not learn when to shake the dust off of our feet and go.

There is a time for everything…find out what time it is, and obey the Lord.

Father, I want to be sensitive to Your leading always. I want to listen to Your voice and be obedient. I pray that all will receive Your message of grace, but don’t let me stop spreading the gospel just because someone doesn’t want to hear it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Genesis 19:1-11

2 Peter 2:6-9

Mark 6:7-13

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