Make It Right

I made a mistake in what I wrote a week ago. I said that the Lord gave Isaac his name before Abraham and Sarah’s response of laughter: this in only partially true. I genuinely thought that it was both of them, but He gave this name after Abraham laughed. Sarah’s response occurred in the following chapter.

As soon as I recognized this, I confessed out loud to my children. I cannot stand the feeling of not getting something like that off my chest. I am the one who will go ahead and let my boss know that I messed something up…before they can ask me about it. I don’t want things piling up on my conscience, big or small. I like to make things right.

Now, this is a mess-up that wasn’t too difficult to correct. However, sometimes the mistakes are to the point that we cannot possibly go back and change anything. There are bones that have collected dust, forming skeletons in our closets that we would rather no one see. Praise God that the One who saw them before they became skeletons is able to remove them altogether. Praise God that we can be released from past mistakes!

I challenge you that if you have slipped up, do your best to make it right. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, as He knows the best way to resolve situations without further damage. Furthermore, I challenge you to forgive yourself. To allow the Lord to truly and deeply cleanse you. Remember that once He made you new, the old garments don’t fit anymore. Quit trying to wear them with guilt, and be free.

Father, thank You that You are the only One who can fix what I have messed up—You are the only One who can make me new. Help me to make right what is in my ability to do, and to trust You with the rest. I choose to forgive myself. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Genesis 17:15-19

Matthew 5:23-25

1 John 2:1

1 John 1:9

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