Once More

I sit here with my fingers placed upon the keys, braced for whatever You would have me type. I pray that You use my hands as a paintbrush to create a picture showcasing another aspect of Your heart, each word a different shade highlighting the beauty of who You are. I sit here and wait as I have done so many times before…I sit here once more.

If I dare to step into a realm of monotonous service—allowing a going-through-the-motions mindset to creep in—bring me back to the river once more. If my steps fade from purposeful to habitual—allowing joy to be trampled in the path—bring me back to the river once more.

If my works and deeds are pleasing in Your sight, yet You see no love at the root of them—bring me back to the river once more.

Once more. May my passion for You and Your plan be baptized again today in Your river of life. May the rushing waters of Your Spirit overtake me again, bringing me out into the deep where my feet do not touch. Awaken me to who You are and open my eyes to true life once more.

Once more. May my carnality be left on the altar once more. May the screaming voice of my flesh be silenced at its crucifixion again today, killing all that would come against what You want in me. Break me once more as an alabaster box filled with worship upon Your feet.

We are not promised tomorrow to have the chance to do better than today. May we once more choose to give ourselves into His hands, and may the Lord once more wrap His arms around our hearts…carrying us into the river to flow with His Presence today.

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