The Stumbling

Our yard presents a pretty good track for me to walk around and attempt to get in the vicinity of in shape. There are inclines and declines, twists and turns. I need it like this, or I get too bored. Well, a couple of nights ago as I was “enjoying” the walk, I got a little closer to the ground than I would’ve liked…and my ankle has reminded me of it since then.

I stumbled. It was getting pretty dusky, and there was a small hole that I had been able to dodge up to that point. It got me, and I went down quickly. Praise the Lord I caught myself with my knee and hand, but a smidge of damage was done. I had to stop, go inside and nurse the swollen ankle.

It happens. We stumble. Not gonna lie, I don’t like mistakes. I am a perfectionist, which is why I don’t even try some things…things that I know I will fail miserably at. I am pretty certain that we don’t intentionally look for ways to mess up; I don’t think anyone wants to fall in this walk with the Lord.

So what do you do when you find yourself looking up from the ground? Do you wallow around, trying to justify yourself and blame the ground for making you fall? Or do you get up, tend to the damage done and keep going?

There is a world full of people who have never been off of the ground—we don’t have time to dwell in the misery of a mistake! Failure is only fatal if you allow it to be.

Get up, and keep going. You know, I will probably walk around my yard again pretty soon…but this time, I will be more mindful of what led me to fall.

Father, thank You that though I stumble, You are the One walking with me and are able to help me up from the ground. I choose to trust You with my failures, and I choose to not allow them to keep me down. Thank You for the gift of repentance that allows me to keep coming to You, even if I get a few grass stains. You are amazing. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Proverbs 24:16

Psalm 37:23-24

Luke 22:31-34

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