A Merry Heart

Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt? Have you ever been in that moment that you could not stop laughing, that everything was super funny all of a sudden? There is something so heavenly about pure joy.

We know that a merry heart does good like a medicine. We know that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We long for Him to restore unto us the joy of His salvation. We can quote verses about joy, but be the most serious people on the planet…blending right in with the worrisome world around us.

The Presence of the Lord affects us in different ways. I am definitely a weeper—I can be swimming in a lake of His joy, but tears will most likely be a part of the picture. I feel a lightness in my heart this morning, a stirring to laugh and let His joy wrap around me. Sure, there is a time to be serious and take care of business, but have we let the business of life quench the fountain of joy that He placed within us? Have we put laughter on the backburner?

Continuing with Abraham’s story in reading with my kids last night, we came upon the second time that the Lord spoke to Abraham that Sarah would have a baby. He told him specifically, two chapters in a row, that at the appointed time the next year she would have a son. This news cracked Abraham up in one chapter, and then Sarah was laughing about it in the next. Guess what name the Lord gave this baby before he was born, before their hilarious response. Isaac. Laughter.

If you don’t think that joy and laughter are a big deal to God, just think about this story. This was the Lord beginning the nation of Israel with the son of promise to His friend Abraham. And He named him laughter!! In my heart it was like the Lord was saying, “This is gonna be great! I am about to bless My friend and through him, bless the world. Just laugh!” Maybe He was laughing in the face of the enemy, saying, “See, no matter how many men have turned against Me, I will have a remnant. I will have a nation that is Mine.”

I love the thought of the Lord laughing, and I cannot wait to laugh right along with Him in eternity. His joy is your strength, so just throw your head back and let Him crack you up today.

Lord, You are hilarious. Thank You for humor, for joy, for belly laughs that seem to heal us from the inside out. Let Your joy be contagious through us today, conquering anxiety one giggle at a time. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Nehemiah 8:10

Proverbs 17:22

Psalm 51:12

Genesis 17-18

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