Outside temperatures and precipitation closed the door the past couple of days, keeping my family in one place. Ironically it opened the door to some intense gaming, allowing laughter and hilarious competition to wipe off their feet at the welcome mat and make themselves at home.

Yesterday I watched my son glow with victory, which I honestly did not enjoy at the time. However, as I sit here and remember his smile, as he soaked up so much favor that I was borderline jealous—I think of how amazing it felt to see my son win. To see my child enjoy good things happening to him left and right. To see him blessed.

I cannot help but think of Esther. This young beautiful woman who was taken from her home to be placed into the “competition” of becoming the new queen of Persia. It is written three times in one chapter of how she won the favor of others.

She won the favor of the king’s eunuch in charge of them and was given special treatment. She won the favor of all who saw her when she had reached the point of time to be presented to the king. Finally, she won the favor of the king.

Now, there is something about favor that must be discussed. That glowing grace God allowed to be poured into her life had a purpose. It wasn’t for her to strut around and flaunt her beauty, to make sure everyone knew that she was divinely blessed. She would one day be required to intercede, to lay down her life—and the favor she had been graced with opened the door.

We have all been given grace, and we have all been shown favor. We have in no way earned the blessings that have been poured out upon us. But what we do with them is the key. There is a purpose. Israel was brought into the most beautiful of all lands to bring glory to God, to show the nations who He was through the beauty He had given them. Esther was brought into the palace to become the intercessor for her nation, to stand in the gap and deliver her people.

You have been brought into His kingdom, cleansed from your past, and given royal robes. What will you do with them? I challenge you to recognize that you have been brought to royal position for such a time as this. I challenge you to allow Him to lead you, letting His favor open the doors. I challenge you to be willing to walk through them, realizing He gave you grace for a reason.

Father, there is no way we can earn Your grace. I thank You for the favor You have given in my life. Please don’t ever let me take it for granted, and don’t let me waste it. I want Your purpose to be fulfilled. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Esther 2

Ezekiel 16:1-19

1 Peter 2:9

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