Get out of the Window

The most vicious opponent we may face in this walk is that of complacency. It doesn’t have the appearance of being intimidating and cruel, but that is how it can easily defeat us...should we allow it. It is a gradual nodding of the head until spiritual sleep overtakes us. It is a gentle nudging toward apathy that can soon make us comfortable where we are, no longer pushing ourselves to seek the Lord.

The apostle Paul had a lot to say one night, so he talked until midnight to the believers gathered in an upper room in Troas. A young man named Eutychus couldn’t stay awake, and fell to his death. (He was raised from the dead, praise the Lord.) The portion that I am drawn to in this passage is that of where the young man had set up camp in this room. He was seated in a window on the third floor!

Did he not realize that he was starting to doze? Should he not have stirred himself to move to another spot to keep from falling?

The windows that pop up in our walk can appear as a harmless moment of compromise. They are open to the world, on the edge of the fold. The window is an inviting seat to one withdrawn from the group, offering a moment of disconnection. However, getting comfortable in the disconnection on the edge can lead to a very costly nap.

If you find yourself nodding off spiritually, get out of the window! Wake up, and fan into flame the passion that you used to have. There were many lamps in that upper room where they were gathered listening to Paul. Stay near the lamp of the Word, allowing the Lord to search you and keep you close to Him.

It wasn’t falling asleep that took Eutychus’ life, it was the fall to which his sleep had led him. Be sober and vigilant, because the enemy seeks to devour. Let’s sound the alarm; it is time to awaken.

Father, I don’t want to entertain apathy, giving into complacency in this life with You. I want to be passionate at all times, encouraging others to awaken, as well. Don’t let me get comfortable and settled. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Acts 20:7-12

Amos 6:1-7

Zephaniah 1:12

Psalm 119:105

1 Peter 5:8

Ephesians 5:14

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