Human Nature

Once upon a time, the Lord delivered a nation out of bondage miraculously and gloriously. A sea was opened up, and enemies were defeated. This newly free nation was brought out of cruel slavery to embark on a famous journey toward their destination.

Now, we know there were definitely ups and downs on this journey. There was provision, yet ungratefulness. There were moments of judgment, yet only momentary contrition. There was a patient God, yet an impatient people. While I write this with Israel in mind, I cannot help but see the human condition bursting forth…my own struggle shining on the page.

No matter how much we are given, it never seems to be enough. No matter how many times we are rescued, we seem to consistently need saving. No matter how loved we are, we tend to gravitate toward complaint. What is our deal?!

We are flesh and blood. Humanity born with a sinful nature that, if left unchecked, can rear its ugly head daily and make a mess. Rather than entering the promise in faith the first time, our flesh will cause us to doubt and extend our wilderness visit. Rather than being thankful for daily bread from heaven’s storehouse, our flesh will cause us to complain out of childish cravings. Rather than trusting the One who delivered us to carry us all the way to the end, our flesh will cause us to look back and think it might have been better in bondage than in uncertainty.

I challenge you to let the wilderness portions of your journey crucify your flesh, rather than put it on center stage. I challenge you to recognize the humanity that you struggle with and lay it on the altar. Trust Him to carry you to the end of the story. He who began a good work in you is able to carry it on to completion. Let Him.

Father, I need You every single day. I cannot move forward without You, and I will not go back. I place my hand in Yours, so please lead me through every portion of this journey. Don’t let me give up or complain. Help me to be faithful. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 78

Psalm 105


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