Highlight Reel

It has been said not to compare your life with those of whom you view on social media, because you are watching a highlight reel. You typically only see the ups, rarely getting a glimpse of the daily downs. There is typically no selfie of the “rolled-out-of-bed” look in the morning. There is rarely a video of the monotony that happens in between the wonderful moments. It is a highlight reel.

I also think of celebrities whose faces grace the headlines consistently. It bothers me that others enjoy making money off of trying to catch the stars at a bad time, exploiting what may or may not be true about them. Rarely do we see a caption that just says, “They are having a good day and being a good person.”

Viewing the moments of others can rob us of our own. Do we enjoy a sweet time with a loved one without the overwhelming thought of needing to take a picture to post it? Do we put down the phone long enough to soak up every ounce of time that we can with each other…face to face? If we are not careful, publishing our highlights can take precedence over truly living them.

I challenge you to enjoy every today, as you are not promised a tomorrow. Grasp each moment, and fill it with love for the Lord and love for others. Redeem the time. Choose to make your highlight reel that of living on purpose. Choose to use your moments that others view as inspiration and encouragement. Our lives are on display…Lord, let them see You.

Father, I know that You can use the technology of this generation for Your glory. I pray that we give every moment to You, surrendering our lives to You one day at a time. If others see us, may they truly be seeing You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Ephesians 5:16

1 Samuel 16:7

Psalm 91

Matthew 6:5-6

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