Just Stay

I was reminded recently of a time when a dry season had to be endured; it was a season of my journey with a landscape that appeared as a desert scene…cactuses and all.

There is something so difficult about walking through a barren wasteland spiritually. There are moments that you see a mirage, hoping for a taste of refreshment in the dryness. Oh, just kidding. Keep going. There are extreme temperatures and odd dangers that must be embraced to survive. Keep going. Then you come to an oasis—a moment of revival—but you are still in the desert. Keep going.

The sweetest part of the memory was something the Lord showed me after the season was travelled. Yes, it was horrible pushing through without feeling Him for a while. Yes, it was brutal trying to be and do what I was supposed to without the sense of His nearness for a while. But that one moment of standing with Him on the other side looking back was worth every moment of parched dryness.

You see, I learned to stay…despite the difficulty and despite the uncertainty. I learned that remaining faithful no matter the trial was the key to gleaning the wisdom I needed from that trial. Just stay. When it gets hard, just stay. When there seems to be no water around, just stay. When everything in you wants to turn and run back to where it was comfortable, just stay.

When you have done all, stand. Just stand and stay.

Be faithful, and don’t bail. He never leaves…neither should we.

Father, I want to keep going and keep obeying You whether I feel You near or not. Your Word is still true, so I will still love You and obey You. You are so faithful to me, so please help me to reciprocate this. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Ruth 1

Deuteronomy 31:6

John 6:60-69

Ephesians 6:13

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