Born to Die

“Take eat, this is My body”

I love to celebrate the birth of My Lord with laughter, time with family and beautiful traditions. I love to sing songs of His coming. Most of all I love to give my children gifts that they didn’t ask for…then watch them smile, unaware of how much they are loved.

We were starving for eternal life, so the Bread of life came. We were aching for healing, so the Healer came. We were eternally lost and separated from God, unable to find the way back to Him…so the Way came.

I cannot celebrate a Baby in a stable without honoring the Man on the cross. Come let us adore the One who was wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger—who would one day be wrapped in strips of linen and laid in a borrowed tomb. The One who was born to die.

We were given a Gift that we didn’t know to ask for—a Savior whom we didn’t deserve. We may realize that we are loved, but we are completely unaware of just how much. Jesus, I love You. Thank You for loving me.

Merry Christmas!


The entire Word…who became flesh and dwelt among us.

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