They Didn't Know

They didn’t know that this star would lead them to a small, seemingly insignificant town. But they followed. They were not aware that its brightness drew them nearer and nearer to an insecure leader. They were perhaps oblivious to the fact that their arrival would stir eventual horror in the quiet little town of Bethlehem. All they knew was that they must follow the star.

They didn’t know that Herod would not want to join them in worshipping the true King. They were not aware that his response would be murderous. They were perhaps oblivious to the sad but apparent truth that those this Child came to did not even realize that He was there. All they knew was that they must go and worship Him.

I wonder…if they had known all that would take place, would they still have followed the star? If they had known that Herod’s wrath and insecurity would cause him to slaughter little ones, would they have come? Would they have bowed? Would they have offered their precious gifts in worship?

Often, I think we hold back from absolute worship out of phantom fears. All of the commotion that selling out to Christ would cause…what people would do or say if we all of a sudden followed Him with no holds barred. Do we weigh all scenarios before choosing to seek the King without turning back? Or do we decide that the One we are being drawn to is worthy of worship, despite what ripple effect our search may cause?

I challenge you not only to seek Him with a whole heart, but to choose to be as His star guiding the way. The book of Daniel calls those who lead many to righteousness to be “like the stars for ever and ever.” I dare you to not be afraid of seeking Him…and moreover, to not be afraid to shine the way to where He is.

Father, I don’t want the enemy to intimidate me out of seeking You. It isn’t that I want to cause uproar in those my seeking You would affect, but I cannot help but want to be where You are. Their response I leave in Your hands. Help me also to shine the way, to lead others to my King. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 2:1-12

Daniel 12:3

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