Be It Unto Me

She was young. She was pure. She was obedient.

Sometimes I think that we have heard and read the original Christmas story so much over the years that an unfortunate apathy develops if we are not careful. It is believed that Mary was a young teenager at the time! My daughter is fourteen, and if she came to me and said that an angel told her she would bear God’s child…that would be a little hard to take without the help of the Holy Spirit!

Gabriel appeared to her. First of all, the Lord had not spoken to Israel in 400 years (she was not yet aware that Gabriel had also appeared to Zechariah). Secondly, she was a young girl. She wasn’t the prophet type who customarily received messages from the Lord. This is not a story to skim over and simply romanticize in a Christmas play for kids. The silence was being broken, and we better listen.

As we read the conversation, we begin to see a glimpse of perhaps why she was chosen. “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.”

We may dare to think that if it had happened to us, of course we would have answered in like manner. However, how often does the Lord lead us in something MUCH simpler than bearing the Messiah…yet we don’t even respond like this then? Are we only supposed to humbly accept God’s call when it is something huge?

May we live the Christmas story in front of our children, not just tell them. May we display open hearts that are willing to allow Christ to come in and dwell within us…no matter the circumstances.

Lord, be it unto me according to Your Word. I want to say yes to whatever Your plan is for my life, whether great or small. As long as it what You want, it is what I want. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Luke 1

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