What Do You Want for Christmas?

We grow up being conditioned to make our lists of “wants” this time of year. We are taught to behave in a pleasing manner so that we can earn these wants, or at least some of them. We are asked on a regular basis “What do you want for Christmas?”…and then we wonder why people tend to think of Christmas as only being about the presents.

Lord, what do You want for Christmas? You are the greatest Gift and the greatest Giver, so how could I ever impress You with anything I can offer? How can I surprise You, when You know me better than I know myself? What can I dare present to You that can match what You did for me?

Sadly, that sometimes marks our gift-giving rituals. Impression, outdoing, outspending. It becomes a race and competition. Jesus, help us remember that it is all about You. We freely give because we have freely received. We pour out love because Love has been poured out on us. We deny ourselves and think about others, because You left glory behind to call a manger a bed.

So I bring You gold: pure worship. I bring You frankincense: aromatic praise. I bring You myrrh: remembrance of Your sacrifice. I lay my gifts before You, and I recognize You as King. I honor You as Lord. I worship You as Savior. What do You want for Christmas? You want my heart. Done.


Matthew 2

Luke 2

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