When you truly ask the Lord to search your heart and know you, to test you and know your anxious thoughts, it is dangerous…for your flesh. You have the option to concede and accept His diagnosis, or you can keep walking in denial of whatever corruption He unveiled.

I say this because I believe He held a mirror up to me this morning, and I wonder if I am the only one who beats herself up over things that still need overcome. I am faced with the option of listening to Him and following His treatment plan, or I can stay okay with “that’s just how I am.” Well, I am not okay with staying me, because all I want is for Him to live through me. We each have different issues that cause chinks in the armor. It is important to recognize what trips you up—so you don’t get tripped up, of course.

My favorite part…let’s just be transparent. I have said before that I am a visual learner. Images are very powerful in my world. I learned over the years that I must be very careful of content that I place before my eyes. For example, I cannot watch scary movies; I still get creeped out by those I saw when I was younger. The repeated lesson that the Lord is very patiently trying to get across to me is that of the amount of TV I consume. Whatever I watch at night replays in my mind the next morning! It is as if I am watching it twice. My mind somehow likes to rehearse, process, and chew on every detail.

Why in the world did I share all of that? Well, some believe that “image is everything” (which is evident by the popularity of selfies and the pictorial timelines of social media). The eye is truly the lamp of the body. What we see, look at, and ultimately gaze upon shines throughout our entire being.

Do the images that fill your mind fuel it with longing to see Him? Does what you gaze upon stir you with a desire for one thing—to gaze upon His beauty and seek Him in His temple? Moses wanted to see His glory. I do, too. I don’t want my mind so filled with images of this world, that there is no room for longing for Him. “Be careful, little eyes, what you see.” Lord, I want to see You.

Father, I choose to lift up my eyes in longing for You. I want to see You, knowing that nothing on this earth can compare to Your glory. Thank You for conviction, for teaching, for truly opening my eyes. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 139

2 Corinthians 12:6-10

Matthew 6:22-23

Psalm 27:4

Exodus 33

Psalm 121

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