Dear chains,

I woke up and you were there. Were you there before, because I don’t remember inviting you into my home? It seems like I cannot move now without making sure that you are right here with me. How did that happen? How did I suddenly allow you to control what I do?

It wasn’t suddenly at all, was it? I left a crack in the door, and you got a foothold. While I wasn’t paying attention, you slowly began to take over…now I don’t know how to live without you. Inch by inch you conquered me, and now I am living in your prison.

I cannot see a way to escape. I cannot see past satisfying the next craving. Hooked is such a fitting word, because the struggle to break free only pierces me with searing pain. Do they not get it that I have to obey you? They act like I have a choice, but any choice but surrendering to you leaves me hurting.

I guess this is who I am now. I guess this prison is my life.




Dear Bound,

There is a way. It will not be painless, and it will not be easy. But it will be worth it. Not only do I have the key that unlocks every chain, but I have the power to destroy every yoke. There is a truth that sets you free from the lies of your captor. Do you want it? Will you let Me help you? Do you want to be free?




Isaiah 10:27

John 8:32

John 5:6

2 Timothy 2:26

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