I met the Lord on my swing set when I was a little girl. I had heard of Him from family, Sunday School teachers, pastors, etc., but I met Him for myself one day in my front yard.

I heard a moving testimony about fourteen years ago of a woman who had grown up in church, in ministry, yet met the Lord for herself when she was older. She was at her lowest. I remember her saying that it was like He came to her and said, “Hi. I’m God.”

As I prayed about what to put down in words this morning, “Hi” kept resurfacing in my heart. This is what we speak when we haven’t met another person before, and it is what we speak when we haven’t seen someone yet that day. Hi. A casual greeting that opens the door to conversation.

Have you met my Jesus? Have you talked to Him yet today? Are you as the woman who grew up in the atmosphere of knowing Him, yet haven’t actually met Him for yourself?

Let me just tell You, He is worth meeting. He doesn’t force a cure, but He offers healing. He doesn’t force relationship, but He offers love. He doesn’t force His way, but He offers His life.

I feel like a school girl who is encouraging a friend to introduce herself to her crush. “Just go and say hi.” He will not turn you away, and He cannot wait to hear Your voice.

Lord, thank You for revealing Yourself to me when I was a child. Thank You for wanting me to continually stay in conversation with You. I want to know You more and more, and I want to introduce others to You, as well. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


John 6:37

Acts 9:1-9

Matthew 11:25-27

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