Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

I wonder about the reaction of those who stood near the cross that day—what did they do or say when all of a sudden the noonday sky turned dark? Did they question their position when the earth began to quake? Did they dare to climb down the mountain of their pride when darkness draped around the day for which they had longed?

“The Lord has said that He would dwell in a dark cloud…”

Darkness. This isn’t our typical description when you ask us about our Lord. Our go-to message for the lost is not: “Clouds and thick darkness surround Him” or “He made darkness His hiding place.” I know I usually do not set up camp in this aspect of my Father, but I feel stirred to go there today.

Think about Abram as God is making a covenant with him in Genesis 15. In the middle of this amazing encounter it is stated: “a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him.” I was kind of expecting rainbows and butterflies, just saying. No, horror and great darkness.

In Nahum it is mentioned that His way is in the whirlwind, and clouds are the dust of His feet. He wondered through the prophet Amos why some would long for the day of the Lord—“It will be darkness, and not light.” The people in Moses’ time remained at a distance while he “approached the thick darkness where God was.”

I am just gonna say that I long to see the cloud of His glory. I long for His cloud to come and fill the house, so that we cannot even stand to minister. I long for the darkness that I would be afraid of just because of the Light hiding Himself behind it.

Do you trust Him? Do you trust that what appears as scary and dark in His path—in His will—to be a cloud surrounding the blinding Light of His glory? That perhaps He is shielding you, so that one day you can see where His goodness has passed by. So that one day you can understand what you never would have understood at the time.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Trust the Light within you to lead you one step at a time.

Father, I trust You, and I fear You as the God who dwells in a dark cloud. I want to remain in awe of Your glory, never taking lightly who You are. Don't let me be afraid of the dark, but help me to always fear You as Lord, as the Almighty God. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Matthew 27:45-51

1 Kings 8:10-12

Psalm 18:11

Psalm 97:2

Genesis 15

Nahum 1:3

Amos 5:18-20

Exodus 20:21

Exodus 33:19-23

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