Would I?

Would I have still trusted You if You hadn’t raised the dry bones into a living army?

Would I have still trusted You if You had allowed the lions to devour Daniel?

Would I have still loved You if You had allowed Goliath to annihilate David?

Would I?

I can see how faith in You can be built by Your coming through in so many situations…but what if Your “coming through” had looked a little differently? What if You had allowed Abraham to complete the task of offering Isaac? What if You had not opened up the Red Sea and made a highway for Moses and Israel to cross? Would I still love You?

Do I base my relationship with You on what You could do, or do I simply love You because of who You are? Do I base my prayer time on Your answers, or do I simply love to just be with You?

I am moved this morning to seriously search my heart and make sure that my motives are correct in seeking You—and if for some reason they aren’t, to not move forward until they are.

You are the God who heals, even when healing doesn’t appear as we assume. You are the God who delivers, even when deliverance looks a little different than we expect. You are the God who is, who was, and who is to come. You are God. You don’t have to fit into our preconceived ideas of what we think You should do, how we think You should act.

Would I still love You if You had not delivered me from eating disorders? Would I still trust You if You had not healed me of past wounds? Would I? Would I still be faithful if You didn’t open up Your Word to me and speak? Would I?

Father, please don’t let me base our relationship on me. I am not the rock of this romance with You, You are. I am not the one who can keep us, You are. O God, hold me and don’t let go. I pray that no matter what I will still love You. That I will still trust You. That I will stay faithful. I want to be able to hear You say one day, “You would, and you did. Well done.”


Psalm 27:8

Psalm 139:23-24

Matthew 25:23

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