Just Watch

Watching shows that involve military training and exploits, I see the best of the best placed in situations that would cause an everyday joe to crumble. I see them facing the most horrible of conditions in training, so that one day they are prepared for the worst that could happen. Do they ever stop to think, “Why is this happening to me? Why am I going through this?”

I dare you to read the first chapter of Job. I know I have camped there before, highlighting instances of his story…but please indulge me one more time.

Who suggested Job to be the subject of enemy testing? The Lord. He is the One who brought him up to begin with, holding him in esteem right in front of Satan. He portrayed him as the best of the best, if you will, and Job was suddenly in the crosshairs of a full-scale attack.

Have you ever felt like you were being used as target practice? Have you ever felt like that if one more negative thing happened in your life you would not be able to stand? I ask you to ponder your perspective. I ask you to think of things from heaven’s point of view.

I see the Lord holding Job up in front of Satan, speaking of his blamelessness and righteousness. I see the Lord calling his name to the enemy, knowing what that serpent would do if given the opportunity.

And I see the Lord saying, “Just watch. Just watch how My servant will respond when you hurt him. Just watch how My child will handle everything you do to him. Just watch as he continues to worship Me.”

I pray that my responses through every set of circumstances please the Lord and tick off Satan. I long for the Lord to be able to say, “Have you considered her? Just watch how she will keep going. Just watch how she will make you look like a fool.”

May we never waste time giving the enemy credit…but constantly giving our Lord glory.

Father, I see portrayals of the bravest people enduring intense circumstances, and standing through it all. Help us to keep going, no matter the trial. Help us to keep worshipping You, no matter what we have lost. You are always God, and You are always worthy. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Job 1-2

1 Peter 5:6-11

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