You Missed It

You weren’t the one who was brought before everyone…I was. You weren’t the one facing the stones of the angry crowd…I was. But you weren’t the one who saw mercy as never had been shown before…I was.

To the man who did not share in my shame as I was humiliated in the streets…you missed it. I expected condemnation, and I was given grace. I expected death, and I was given life. I was exposed to public shame, yet I was then exposed to public mercy. You missed it.

I watched as they used me to test this Man. They used my flaws, my sins, to try and trap Him in His words. But then I watched as He silenced their accusations. I watched as He turned my shame into a courtroom for everyone who has ever fallen. I watched their stones fall to the ground. You missed it.

You may have felt safe staying behind…remaining in your life as it was. I now feel safe moving forward…free to live out of the shadows. You missed it. You missed the grace that could have been poured on you, as well.

He could have picked up the stone. He could have been the only One without sin to truly accuse and condemn me to death. But He chose to give me another chance. I was caught, and I have been set free. I was lost, and I have been found.

May these words that set me free somehow affect you as they did me:

“Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.”


The woman caught in adultery…and all who have been released from sin’s hold


John 8:1-11

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